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Business Process Engineering

The backbone of your company. The numbers have to be right.
We have supported companies on all continents over our careers. Private, public, small, and large. We have implemented complicated ledger scenarios to support multi national, multi currency accounting requirements. We have dealt with Indian and Brazilian tax implementations.
In 2016, we were the first to implement 3rd party credit card and tax add-ins with S/4 HANA. 
After you comply with all financial requirements for your respective jurisdictions, you can turn your attention to your company.
SAP is an incredibly powerful tool to analyze every aspect of your business: departments, business units, products, brands, and segments. To enable this visibility, you have to build the right organizational structure. We will work with you to define your organization structure using business terminology that make sense to you. We then turn it into SAP functionality.
Product Costing
Unleash the full potential of SAP and gain insights into every detail of your product cost. First step: we define the product costing structure.
Product costing may seem like a simple task of adding up individual component costs and labor to come up with a single cost. With SAP’s costing tools, you can take it to the next level. Our team will work with you to help you get the most out of a costing structure that not only allows you to see what a product costs but to get details about where your costs actually lie.
Variant Configuration
If you have the right product that fits SAP variant configuration, you have a very powerful tool at your disposal.
This determination regarding the fit of variant configuration for your product and your organization is important. We have the expertise to help you make this decision. You need to consider how you will create the variant configuration models upfront, how you maintain them, and how they will fit into your overall process. Our experience ranges from large mining equipment, small industrial products, oil & gas applications, to vehicles. 
We specialize in manufacturing and process industries. We will not even attempt to work outside of our comfort zone. 
Very simple: Making your products at the highest quality and the lowest cost is core to your business. That requires expertise.
We believe to achieve the same results in SAP projects you need that same business experience. We will talk to each other in business language. We understand industry requirements and processes. Let us help you take your unique manufacturing business processes and transform them into SAP process excellence. 
After all - would you let an untrained worker touch your products? Why would you let somebody without the right experience touch your SAP system?
Sales & Service
We believe in utilizing the power of standard business processes wherever possible to take advantage of process excellence proven over time. 
When it comes to Sales & Service, we like to ignore that rule at times. 
This is your face to your customers. It is what makes you unique and special. Along with that come processes that make you unique and special. We will map out all your critical sales processes with you and ensure that you shine in front of your customers when you go live with your new SAP solution. 
That does not mean that we do not try and improve your sales processes during the project.
Your implementation is a chance to review all your company's processes and make drastic improvements or small continuous steps forward. 
Warehouse & Logistics
We are not a third party logistics provider. We will not come into your warehouse and help make physical changes. But what we will do is help take your existing solution and find the right SAP answers for your challenges. 
There are many approaches to logistics and warehousing in SAP and choosing the right path is important. 
Throughout this process, we will find solutions that create efficiency with process automation. You will be surprised how much improvement can be made without changing physical warehouse layouts.
We recently designed a low cost bar coding solution for SAP S/4 HANA. The technology is there - now you need creative thinking and process design.
Purchasing & Sourcing
As your business grows, purchasing and sourcing become a key factor to optimize your bottom line. Reviewing your process flow to increase your ability to see your vendor performance real time, your ability to compare costs real time are becoming more important.
If you have complex outsourcing operations you need the right structure to communicate your requirements to your suppliers and gain efficiency. It must be integrated into your production planning and scheduling.
Do you have complex engineered to order product requiring complex and custom made products from your supplier? 
We have worked with companies making 10 products per year as well as companies that makes 10,000 product per week. Sourcing and purchasing process improvements exist at every scale and we can help you unleash them!
Reporting & Analytics
Since you have the most powerful software package in the world you can now see all of your data in real time.
But what is important to see real time? Who needs to see it? What questions are you looking to answer with your reporting? What medium do you need the information to be available in? Web, mobile, paper, excel?
If you ask all the right questions it is easy to get a reporting package that fulfills your wildest dreams. We know how to design business processes and solutions to obtain the right data at the right time for the right people.
Process Integration
On their own each of SAP’s modules are extremely powerful but it is the integration that truly makes the difference. Today you may have many silos that have become bottlenecks in your everyday business. How does planning interact with purchasing? Do your controllers have a good picture of the costs on the manufacturing floor? How does your sales forecast match your production capacity? How do changes in a production schedule affect your customer deliveries? Having a partner who can help you answer these questions by taking advantage of this integration is real game changer. Our professionals will help you craft end to end processes that get business done like never before.

Project Planning

To be successful you need to know what you will and will not do. To do this, you need to understand the SAP solution and your consulting partner needs to understand your business. SAP provides great tools and accelerators to help you understand your SAP solution. We know them intimately and will quickly bring you up to speed on the possibilities SAP provides.

Your implementation partner must have the ability to understand you to show you the right tools and functionality. We do understand business and we are SAP experts. That is what sets us apart. The best of both worlds.
KPI's & Metrics
Why are you doing the implementation? How will you measure success along the way? What will the project improve?
Critical questions that need to be answered before you start your project. This really becomes your guiding principle for every decision you make along your SAP journey. It will help you make the right budgetary decisions. It will help you assess if you are ready to go live. 
Every business has a scorecard to run their business. Your project will be one of the largest efforts in your company and we will provide you with the scorecards you need to make sure everything is successful.
This seems so simple at first. Take an organization chart and map it out. But it is not that simple.
If your stakeholders are mapped out correctly, it will drive your change management efficiency and your end user adoption. Stakeholders can be internal and external. They can be executives or key individuals in your company. Let's identify who is who in your company first when it comes to your project. Then we can have effective information sharing, collaboration, and decision making. This way we will have the right meetings scheduled and always present the right information to everybody in attendance.
Budget / Sponsors
The elephant in the room. How much will this cost me? Am I getting the right value for my investments? 
Detailed budgetary planning is as important as every other preparatory step in your project. Too many consulting firms give you "eyeball" estimates because their sales team does not understand your company or your project.
We will put a detailed budget together with you and lay out your options. There are plenty of different approaches to chose from.  Our goal is to give you all the details you need to make a good decision. 
Project Milestones
We have seen it all: Sometimes you get a half page "vanilla" milestone document in your project planning phase. Sometimes you get an entire book upfront.
The right detail at the right time is what you need. We will work with you to define what important gates we will pass together. We will also define the detailed planning requirements on a go forward basis. 
We treat this like planning for a long trip. You need your overall direction and all the details for the immediate turns ahead. The further you progress the more detail is put together to ensure you never take a wrong turn.
Project Team
People, people, people. 
All of your success depends on it. We need to find the right employees in your business who can execute the project. But they are all busy. How do you back fill their roles. When do you need them for the project the most? This is a big challenge but we will get it right together.
And then there is us. You need the right consultants to help you along in your journey.
You will need consultants with business skills and business experience. Combine that with technical skills and SAP expertise.
Attitude and style are also important - we will work together for quite some time. 
You will find all those things in us. And we are sure that you have some of the brightest minds of your industry in your company. Together we will be a winning team!

Project Execution

Live project plan
Despite everybody's best efforts to plan every detail of a project - things may change over time. 
We believe that your project plan needs to live. We train our project teams to be flexible and how to adapt to change. The last thing you want in your project is to worry about change management of your consulting partner. We will make it easy for you!
We provide you innovative tools and innovative methodologies to keep your project plan growing with your project and make sure you are always in full control!
Integrated approach
We believe it is important that all team members share the same information about your project at all times.
We bring you various skill-sets for functional consulting, change management, training, and data migration. But there cannot be silos. Our project manager truly owns your project end to end. We do not allow the creation of barriers.
Aside from the project manager having full overall responsibility, our functional consultants own every aspect of their respective area. They utilize the skills on the various teams to execute data migration, change management, and training but they are fully accountable for successful completion of all tasks.
Know where you are - always
We focus on letting you know where you stand at all times. To ensure that flow of information, we do not create artificial barriers by creating multiple versions of the truth. With traditional methodologies and tools, you end up with a version of truth for the executive team, a version for management, a version for the project team. 
That does not allow effective management of your project. With our methodology the only difference for the various governing bodies is the amount of data we mark as required consumption. Our project documents are structured to allow easy consumption for the executive, manager, and project team audience. We do not hide anything in the documents. All the information is always there - everybody can choose for themselves how much detail they want to see after they read the sections most relevant to them. 
Many short deliverables
We have weekly deliverable actions for every project team member. At a minimum. We do not allow the project team members to go along with their tasks for weeks without coordination with the project as a whole. 
Many projects start of slowly, with low intensity and lack of proper control of time spent. During that stage, a lot of time is wasted because nobody feels the pressure to deliver. Then when milestones come along, intensity rises. This causes excessive overtime and mistakes will be made because everybody is catching up. Everybody burns out.
We will bring you a steady and high intensity level that optimizes production and avoids burnout.
Doing this will make sure your  project finishes on time and within the budget you set. 
Scope control
Did you ever feel like you are shown things you do not want? Does your consulting partner try and sell you more every day? 
Our team knows where the boundaries are. We do not show the users "exciting" functionality that has not been requested and approved by your project management team. We always know who the customer is and where we get our direction from. Of course we will make recommendations when we see areas where things can be approved - but we make them to the right people.
We have spend over a decade on your side of the table, responsible for implementations at various organizations. We know how critical it is to have the right flow to make the right decisions.
Discover, demo, decide and design
We follow a very simple and common sense approach to how your project will be executed.
During discovery, we make sure we understand your business needs and what the required business outcomes are. Throughout that process we will show you the options within your SAP system and what it may look like. Before you make your final decision, we will use your data and your business structure for a live demo. Seeing it with examples of your data will enable you to make solid decisions and make any revisions needed.
After your review and approval, we design the final solution in the system. This way you can "try before you buy". It will give you the confidence that you make the right decision the first time. This approach will save you valuable time and money!

Change Management

The reason for your project
Change happens in many steps within organizations. The first step is to define why you are doing your project. Some call it the "burning platform", some call it the "urgency". Whatever term you chose within your company: The reasons for the project need to be well defined. 
Now we have to wrap those reasons in to a compelling story for your employees. Think of selling your products to your customers: For your teams developing and manufacturing products there is simply no question that everybody should buy your product. But you still put marketing and sales materials together. 
You need the same for your SAP Implementation. We will help you put a compelling story together that will resonate with your employees.
You need to communicate your story often to make it stick. But you cannot be repetitive with your message by sending the same content throughout your project. At different times, different elements of the story must be told. Communication must come from various levels. Some messages come from the executives, some from key users and business process owners. 
Different forms of communication will be required to reach all your potential audiences. 
We will help you define your communication plan, help you chose the right medium and make sure that every communication is tailored to the audience and delivered in the best possible way.
There are many stakeholders in your project. Your employees, customers, shareholders, suppliers, dealers - just to name a few.
Most change management programs focus on your employees and usually only on your SAP user community. But your new business solution will reach all areas of your business. Improvements will be far reaching and not only your SAP users will feel the effects.
We will put together the entire picture of your stakeholder community and define the right time and medium to engage them in your change management journey.
Depending on the size of your company, it is very likely your project will last for several months or even years.
It is important to celebrate successes and victories along the way. This will keep your employees and stakeholders engaged throughout the entire project in a positive light.
But how to celebrate success and which successes to celebrate? 
It takes careful planning and alignment with your corporate culture and values. We can help you find the right approach to keep your company engaged and excited about your project.
Measure and report
Information about your project and the flow throughout the company is important. 
In your project planning phase, we will define clear KPIs and measurements for the success of your project. We will also define deliverables for each milestone and project phase. 
Your information and KPIs are not just for the executive audience, they should be shared with everybody. Do not leave it to the water cooler discussion to get the status of your project communicated. Provide your organization facts and data and prevent the creation and spreading of rumors.
As your project goes through different phases, your employees will see the improvements that are coming along - a key steps in change management.
Plan for questions
Regardless of how successful your change management plan is executed - questions will always arise. And that is a good thing - it shows people care and try to be engaged.
How will employees be able to ask questions and how will they get the answers they seek?
This seems like a very trial part of change management but it can be quite difficult. Depending on the structure of your organization and your project, this communication may not seem obvious to everybody.
We will help you make sure there are good lines of communication in place, not just from the project to your stakeholders and employees but in both directions.
Business Focus
Do not think of your SAP projects as IT projects. You are working on a project to improve your business and your business processes. Part of your change management has to be that focus on business processes. While many technical things will change behind the scenes - you do not need to educate your user community about the technical changes. We need to make sure everybody understands how they fit into the new solution from a business perspective. Creating that picture for your organization and every employee is critical. 
Where our change management sets us apart is that we provide an overview of how everything fits together and what the upstream and downstream processes look like. This focus will be one of the reasons for your success!
Are we ready?
Your go-live will be most successful when your organization understands and embraces your new solution.
There is no single and simple answer on how to assess this. Some may be scared of the change and will be slow to accept that they are ready. Others are eternal optimists and will underestimate the impacts.
Comprehensive testing scenarios that focus on the  ability of your company to function end to end is the answer.
We will work with you to define those testing scenarios and simulate a week in your company. We will simulate the real world, we will build in some of the challenges your employees are concerned about. 
Once you pass those test scenarios you can have the comfort that you are ready to move forward. And your employees will share that comfort.


Training materials
We provide you assistance in creating your training materials for your daily operations. In our change management efforts, we will make sure everybody understands the business process and how they fit into the new solution.
Now we need to make sure your employees understand how to use every aspect of your new solution. Many people have different learning styles. Online knowledge base, how to videos, printed documentation. Whatever your organizational requirements are, we will help you identify them and create the right materials with you.
We will show you various forms of end user training materials. There are many great tools available to generate exceptional content that your users will want to use.
Training delivery
Delivery of training is a skill in itself. You will likely have some exceptional talent internally and can deliver training in some areas using the train-the-trainer method. Throughout the project, we will embed training sessions with your trainers and ensure they are equipped with the materials and knowledge to deliver successful training.
You probably will also need some support in delivering your training. During the final phases of the project, everybody is busy. Your key resources will be testing and preparing for go-live. This is where the train-the-trainer model sometimes becomes a challenge. We understand that a technical or functional consultant is not always a great trainer. Therefore we bring the right resources that have training and SAP experience to deliver what your users deserve: truly exceptional training.
New employee on-boarding
Most training plans only look as far as the immediate go-live. And that has to be the primary focus.
However, as your employees change roles within the company or when you bring on new employees you need to be able to train continuously. Let us help you put together the right set of documents and training methods to allow your training materials be more than just project go-live training. When done right, you can achieve both efforts with one work stream.
Who, what, and when?
Three key questions for your training scope.
Our focus on your business and your people throughout the implementation project will answer those questions for you. We do not see training as a separate activity that happens parallel to your project. It is an integral part of it. 
We include the training efforts in every part of the project and our planning for your training starts in the beginning. It gives you visibility into the time requirements of your employees and makes sure early on that a plan for every person exists and can be executed.


Post go-live
During the most critical time of support for your project, we will be there for you to make sure everything works smoothly. Because we make it a point to understand your business processes we can provide more than transaction support. We can support your business process change and make sure that all processes function. 
Of course our functional consultants have the experience to resolve technical issues as they arise but that is just a small part of your go-life support success.
Continuous Improvement
Over time your business needs will change and evolve. Along with it, you need to continue to enhance and adapt your SAP solution. We offer flexible models to keep engaged with your organization to ensure you have the support needed to keep up to date. Our focus is to give you an avenue to have access to experts when you need them. Our business model does not rely on the revolving door of independents consultants and you will find familiar consultants over time that remain engaged in your success.
Extended helpdesk support
Part of our deliverable is knowledge transfer to your team to be able to sustain your system support internally. If you do not have an internal team to deliver the support to your users or if you simply prefer to outsource your application management then we are your right choice.
Just like we focus on having the right mix of business and functional skills on our implementation teams, we provide the same with our applications support. Most helpdesk and application management services just provide you technical help. They expect you to speak their technical language and personnel changes all the time - knowledge gets lost. If you look for helpdesk support, let us show you our support model and how it adds value to your SAP solution.
After your implementation, you need to continue to have a clear road map for your SAP solution. Your business evolves, you have major product launches, new acquisitions, new facilities will open, many things will come along. 
In addition, your SAP solution needs to be kept up to date: upgrades, service packs, add-on tools.
Our leadership team has been in your situation and understands how critical it is to align your business strategy and business cycles to your SAP solution. We can help you have the right plan in place for your varying business needs. You will never be caught off guard again when your business requires quick reactions from your IT organization.

Data Migration

Migration Strategy
Before you start extracting, cleansing, and finally migrating data you must define your migration strategy.
Unlike typical approaches to data migration, we do not just look at data extraction and data migration. We include a comprehensive strategy around cleansing of the data, how it will be mapped to your new business process. Our team will help you identify the right resources with the right skills to perform all the required tasks. At the end, you will have a detailed, action oriented data migration plan that your team can execute and be successful with.
Data Cleanup
We will not let you struggle with data cleanup without support. The usual approach from the data migration experts is to ask you to extract data, cleanse it and present it in a format ready for them to import into SAP.
Our approach is to be with you all the way. Of course it is your data but that does not mean we cannot help get it ready for a successful launch. We help extract data, we help you stage it, we will provide you tools and approaches to cleanse your data. SAP provides great tools to load data into SAP. You do not need data migration experts for that task alone. You need somebody who is with you every step of the way.
Data Team
We have a team of consultants that work together on all the tasks, including data migration. The traditional hand-off from the functional team to the data team is one of the most inefficient approaches in typical SAP projects. Our functional consultants own the data migration. They have helping hands to ensure the complicated programming tasks get completed. But our functional consultants are fully responsible. You have one single point of contact. This avoids wasting dollars in hand-offs and avoids wasting dollars in fielding duplicate requests by your business team.
Data tools
Data migration will be a continuous effort from the very day your project starts until go-live. In many cases, data migration and cleanup also does not end there and will go on after your go-live.
To ensure all tasks get completed successful and on time, we provide unique tracking tools to the various teams and stakeholders. These tracking tools are a result of the data migration strategy we put together and are continuously updated.
You will never feel lost in your data migration efforts. We will track and report everything from the definition of the data source, to extraction, status of cleansing, status of enhancements, test loads, validation steps, sign-offs.
This is simply the only way to do it!
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