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Joseph Micic Profile
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Joseph Micic is co-founder of Nebula Solutions Group.
He has spent 16 years of supporting SAP areas of Materials Management, Production Planning, Quality Management, Warehouse Management, and project management for clients around the world. A veteran of over 20 roll-outs in 9 countries, Joseph is performance-driven with a deep functional knowledge of manufacturing and business processes and SAP enterprise application software fueled by an extensive background configuring, implementing, and upgrading SAP supply chain modules. Prior to working in the SAP space, he built up real world business experience in state government as well as in private corporations with management roles in planning and process optimization.
Joseph is responsible for the solution architecture and realization of all projects at Nebula to ensure they deliver the expected business value for all services provided by Nebula.

Stephan Engler Profile
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Stephan Engler is co-founder of Nebula Solutions Group.
He has spent over 15 years leading the SAP practices of various public and private companies in the US and around the world. During his career, he has been participating or overseeing over 30 SAP roll-outs in 14 countries.
Aside from his SAP implementation experience, he had various leadership responsibilities ranging from manufacturing, sales & marketing, and information technology.
After 17 years in the SAP world as the customer of consulting firms, Stephan has an exceptional perspective into what creates long lasting customer success. This unique view provides an exceptional asset to all our customers as they build their SAP solutions for a long term and successful future.
Aside from business development, Stephan serves as solution architect for all SAP implementations to ensure business value creation for all services provided by Nebula.

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