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The Nebula Difference
Our methodology enhances traditional implementation methods by adding innovative tools and a creative approach to your specific needs. You make your solution and design decisions in stages, you always get a preview of what things will look like, and then continue to make detailed decisions as your project progresses. All along you have experts that understand which critical decisions need to be made and when. They advise you of any implications that may arise from your decisions. Building your future SAP solution will be a guided process through every decision.

Here are some unique aspects of our methodology:
Understanding your business and your goals
Our consultants bring a combination of excellent business skills and technical SAP skills. We will make sure that we understand your business drivers. A series of questions will make sure we get to the bottom of every aspect of your business. Here are some examples: 
[ct_ul ct_options='{"ct_id":113,"ct_parent":88,"selector":"ct_ul_113_post_61","original":{"custom-css":"bWFyZ2luLXRvcDogM3B4OwpsaXN0LXN0eWxlLXR5cGU6IHNxdWFyZTs="},"activeselector":false}'][ct_li ct_options='{"ct_id":114,"ct_parent":113,"selector":"ct_li_114_post_61"}']What makes you unique in your industry?[/ct_li][ct_li ct_options='{"ct_id":118,"ct_parent":113,"selector":"ct_li_118_post_61"}']What are differentiating business processes that must be included in your solution?
[/ct_li][ct_li ct_options='{"ct_id":119,"ct_parent":113,"selector":"ct_li_119_post_61"}']Which business processes are suited for best practice approaches to drive maximum efficiency?
[/ct_li][ct_li ct_options='{"ct_id":120,"ct_parent":113,"selector":"ct_li_120_post_61"}']Which KPIs and measures will be affected by your project and how?[/ct_li][/ct_ul]
Project pace
Our methodology brings pace to your projects. All project team members have weekly deliverable actions - at a minimum. You will be able to see your solution take shape on a weekly basis. It also makes sure that we have the ability to make corrections where needed in real time. You do not need to wait until the next major milestone to get an update. We have visibility all the time.
We understand data
We have innovative accelerators and methodologies for your data migration projects. You do not need to worry about your data challenges, we will bring you everything you need to succeed!
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