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SAP Solution Architect

SAP Solution Architect

Job title

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SAP Solution Architect - Contract to hire



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At Nebula Solutions Group, we provide industry leading consulting services for SAP implementations to our clients. To deliver this promise, we hire only the top talent available in the industry. We currently have a position available as SAP solution architect to provide end to end SAP solution architecture that meets our customers’ business goals. To be successful in this position, you must have completed at least 10 full life cycle SAP implementations in the manufacturing or process industry. You bring a solid understanding of various SAP modules and business processes. We do not expect you to understand the configuration details of every module but you must clearly understand the concepts of SAP in a level of detail that allows you to design an end to end solution.

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Aside from the SAP qualifications, you have excellent business process understanding in the manufacturing and process industry. You know manufacturing, can talk to our customers in business terms and understand the critical areas of success for our clients. Ideally, you were in various business roles prior to or in between your SAP career.


Why work for us?

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Nebula Solutions Group is a growing company with tremendous opportunity. We are a team of SAP and business professionals with a strong work ethic and we focus 100% on our customer’s success. With us you do not have the pressure of up-selling or cross selling, we will do the right thing for our customers – always!

Our methodology is not only exciting for our customers but also exciting for our employees. Find out more about it during the interview(s), you will be excited to hear how we approach our projects and provide superior service to our customers. When you work for a company focused on value creation for our customers then you will work in a company with a positive and exciting work climate throughout the entire project life cycle.

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We offer competitive pay and pay for health insurance premiums.
Additional benefits like 401(k), paid time off, and bonuses become available after the contract period if you become a full-time employee at Nebula Solutions Group.

And finally: We work hard but we take the time to enjoy work together. We provide an environment of fun for all our team members! When we all enjoy what we are doing it will show itself in superior results for our customers!


Why contract to hire?

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We pride ourselves to be the best source for SAP Consulting services in the industry. To make sure we have the right talent, we want to evaluate everybody during a trial phase. It will give us a chance to evaluate your talents and how you work with our team members and customers. For yourself, it gives you the chance to evaluate us and how we approach things. It is a win-win for us and you. After the initial 6-month evaluation period we will both know each other well enough to decide to be together for a long time!


Job details

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As the Solution Architect at Nebula Solutions Group, you will be one of the main faces of the company to our customers. During bid stage for contracts, you will assess a potential customer’s business processes and business challenges and provide SAP solution proposal and business process improvement proposals. During the project execution stage, you will be responsible to lead the functional team during the business blueprint phase and responsible to deliver the functional solution proposal. You oversee all aspects of functional implementation and testing. You will work with our customers to improve business processes along with their SAP solution.



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Detailed functional knowledge of SAP SD, MM, WM, PP, FI, CO, VC modules - one of them you must be the expert and able to configure end to end in SAP, the remaining modules you must have a detailed functional understanding of the concepts and integrations.

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Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

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Excellent English skills.

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Fluency in foreign language is a plus.

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10+ full life cycle SAP implementations in manufacturing or process industry.

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10+ years in manufacturing or process industry.

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Excellent Microsoft office skills.

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Team player – you must be willing to get your job done and help others succeed in their area of responsibility.

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Proven leader – you must have held leadership positions on SAP projects and in business functions.

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Willingness to travel within the United States and possibly overseas as our project needs evolve.

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Must be legally authorized to work in the United States – no sponsorship for this role available.

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You must care more about business and business processes than technology. The SAP skills are a huge requirement but your real interest is to improve business and business process utilizing SAP as a tool.

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You are a creative person. While you rely on your experience, you do not try and force solutions onto the customer just because you have done it a certain way before. Every business is unique and requires unique solutions. You can architect those solutions using your expertise and provide the best possible solution for our customers.

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